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Digitally Alone Project

Digitally alone, aims to be a place for students facing their first years at University or even later. We would like to be a place where you can contact us, we can connect with you and assist to share the feeling. We will create something that helps as a distraction, there are activities and journey's that can be experienced which will help. We will aim to be there for you....


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Why, How, Who

Why we chose to create this digital immersive project, 

The primary goal of this page is to serve as a friendly face and a safe haven for those experiencing loneliness. University life can be overwhelming, and not everyone easily finds their social circle. This platform aims to bridge that gap by offering a supportive community, where students can share their experiences, seek advice, or simply engage in conversations to alleviate their feelings of isolation.

Loneliness can have a detrimental impact on mental health and academic performance. By addressing it openly and proactively, you are taking a crucial step towards promoting well-being and a sense of connection among students. Your page aspires to be a beacon of hope, a place where no one feels alone in their struggles, and where they can find the support and understanding they need during their university journey.

How we have approached the subject is to think about...

  1. Organize Social Events: Plan and promote social events specifically designed to bring students together. These events can include game nights, movie screenings, or themed parties. The aim is to create opportunities for students to interact in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

  2. Art and Cultural Experiences: Partner with local art galleries, theaters, or cultural organizations to offer discounted tickets or exclusive access to university students. Encourage students to attend art exhibitions, watch plays, or participate in cultural festivals as a group

Who are the individuals involved in the our line of sight

  1. Isolated University Students: The primary audience consists of students who are currently enrolled in university and are struggling with loneliness. This can include freshmen who are new to campus and have yet to establish a social network, international students who may be far from their home country, or any student who feels disconnected from their peers.

  2. Students Seeking Social Connection: It's for those students who are actively seeking opportunities to connect with others and alleviate their loneliness. These individuals may be introverted, shy, or simply in need of more social interaction........

  3. All University Students: While the primary focus is on those experiencing loneliness, the events and activities organized should be inclusive and open to all university students. This encourages a diverse and inclusive community where students from various backgrounds can come together..

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